Friday, December 10, 2010

Went up to the Stewart Farm yesterday.  I got to feed the calves, do some landscape work and see Abby and Mattie.  Grandmother helped Abby get ready for the Blount County Young Farmers Christmas Party that was at Abby and Jay's house last night.  We had fun visiting but we were tired when we got back home.  KK and Pawpaw Billly went with us. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Helping PawPaw

Pawpaw is telling his story.  He called me at work to go to his house and get his 4Wheeler and come to where he was hunting.  That was all he said but he didn't have to say more.  Lisa went with me and as we left from getting the 4Wheeler we saw my Granddaddy "BigDaddy" sitting out in the sun at his house so I stopped and asked him to go with us.  When we got there I went and helped him get the deer and we loaded it up and he road out.  It was a nice one that the rack nearly touched at the top.  It had been working the trees.  (More pictures under Hunting Tab) 
Made pictures here today of my granddad and last Saturday made pictures of my grandson in this same spot.  Now is that not a BLESSING!