Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy Day Yesterday

     Yesterday was a busy day but productive.  I met Nic, with the Alabama Forestry Commission, to push firelanes and touch up those we put in the other day before they got called off to a fire.  It was thick, to say the least, where we were working.  As I led the dozer thru the woods I just didn't look down because I didn't have my snake boots on and I was always looking for the flagging marking the way.  The flagging was put in before the leaves put out.  It was tough seeing it in all the foliage and I had to stay close to the dozer so the operater could see me.  When we went south above the branch it was good.  The fragance of the sweetshrub was so sweet, the red buckeye was blooming along with many other wildflowers and the mountain laurel was budding on the steep bluff above Grandmother's Park.  It was beautiful!
     We finished cleaning up the firelane/walking trail in the old railroad bed.  Now I have got to get it planted and with a few touch-ups it will be ready to enjoy.  Plans are for a bridge, soon to be constructed, to cross the stream to make the trail even more enjoyable.
     We finished up at about 4:30pm and then I started replanting spots in the corn fields where doves had pulled the corn up.  I don't know how the doves see that grain of corn down in the soil?  Well I finished that up at about 7:00pm and I was tired.  It was a long day!

Monday, April 4, 2011


   This weekend we went over to Bowen Grove property to do some metal detecting along the old railroad bed.  We found many spikes, bolts, plates, and other unknowns.  It is amazing those things are there and have been there for over 100 years.  We even found a railroad crosstie that was pretty much intact. 
   Before we went to Bowden Grove we had visitors to our Pine Grove property to fish, Matt, Cara, Preston and Garrison.  The boys enjoyed being out but were not into fishing very much. 
   This week we hope to get our some of our corn planted.  It is up to the weather as to whether this happens.  We also hope to finish putting in our fire breaks.