Friday, August 26, 2011

Abby and Mattie Visit

Mattie had such a fun time the first of the week riding in the Jeep, enjoying all the new things to learn about in nature and letting the wind blow in her hair.  She was so good.

At Bowden grove the acorns continue to grow.  The deer are just waiting for them to start to drop.

There is a good quanitity of grain sorgham seed at McCollum.  The turkey and deer will enjoy this when the weather gets cooler.

A massive hole in one of our food plots developed over the summer.  I was glad I saw it when I was bush- hogging the other day.  I think you could crawl down in it and go underground to the stream about 30 feet away.  This was strange!  I can't see a reason for this hole to develop.

Bush-hogging complete at McCollum.  The longleaf pines are really growing on that tract. 

The Mountain Chestnut Oaks at McCollum are loaded this year.  The deer will have lots of acorns to eat this year.
Last week was bush-hogging at McCollum, and I also had a State Tree Farm Committee meeting in Montgomery.  This week another trip to Montgomery for a meeting on membership with the Alabama Farmers Federation.  I hope it cools off some so next week I can bush-hog and work on getting ready for the people from Haiti to come the first of October.  Saturday morning I will be helping the Game Wardens with a Hunter Education Safety Class at Mountain View Plantation (Richard Sprayberry's).  I hope to spray some Saturday evening. 
Don't tell anyone but I have got to go back to Montgomery again next week and a meeting at Sellwood in Alpine, Talladega County, on  another day.  Just plain busy right now.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fall Work about to Start

Today it was cooler, which was just a reminder that there is lots of work to do.  I have got to get Pine Grove bushhogged and ready because the last day of the month RA's from church are visiting for some time to hike, talk about trees and feed the fish. 

The first of October everything must be finished because the students from Haiti will be visiting for a ten day seminar and learning experience.  I have much work to do and I will probably start at Pine Grove today and maybe finish McCollum this week.  One day I will be in Montgomery for a State Tree Farm meeting so that reduces the number of days to work this week.

GOD is good and I love the fall!