Monday, May 20, 2013

Warmer Weather after 6" of Rain

The catfish were really hungry this morning after all the rain we had Saturday.  The water was dingy but this did not stop them from finding the food.
These two birds, one male and one female, are called cow birds.  These birds followed the buffalo when they traveled across most of the United States and this caused these birds to develop strange habits. They are the only birds in the U.S. that use the nest of other birds to lay their eggs and allow other birds to raise their young.  These habits were developed because the buffalo was always on the move and they were following them and could not raise their young.  They were photographed in our pasture.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Late Spring Prescribed Burn

Perfect prescription for this 13 acre spot that needed a cool fire run under it to complete a WHIP contract.  This was the third time this spot had been through a controlled burn. 
My daughter helped me with this burn.  She knows what it takes to manage a forest because she has been helping manage our property since she was in the FFA.  One of our most helpful tools for burning is our 
4-wheeler.  The water tank on the back is great for quickly putting out small fires and the drip torch on the front is a must for a prescribed burn.

Below is a picture I made one morning while turkey hunting at one of the old home places on our property.  The Narcissus were beautiful!