Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Busy Time

With all the holidays and meetings that take place in October it makes it hard sometimes to get time to make post on what is going on with Dewberry Lands.  Clay County Forestry Planning Committee recently assisted and provided guidance to Randolph County for a tour on the property of their Helene Mosley Award Winner.  My wife and I traveled to Florence, Alabama to the Treasure Forest Annual meeting which was a great success.  We attended the Farmer of the Year Dinner in Valdosta, Georgia and Ag Expo. We then hosted at Ekun Duts Ke Lodge our fourth quarter State Tree Farm committee meeting.  We had a visitor from the Longleaf Alliance, Mr Ad Platt, come and tour part of our property as he works on a brochure for publication on promoting planting longleaf pines. Today we will be attending the Clay County Farmers Federation Farm City Luncheon here in the county.
Somewhere in there I have done road work as we have completed a first thinning of loblolly pines, and started a harvest cut of hardwood to convert to longleaf pines, not to mention all the things that have gone on with family.... Whew!

Below are a few pictures of some of these activities.
Governor Kaye Ivy, was the keynote speaker at the Treasure Forest Annual meeting.

I was selected as the next President of the Alabama Treasure Forest Association.

My wife and I enjoyed the Southeastern Farmer of the Year Dinner inValdosta, Georgia.

State Tree Farm Committee meeting.

After the Tree Farm meeting we gave our guest a tour of our property to see how we are managing our forest. 

The beauty of a young longleaf forest.

Thinning operation on our property.

Road being put in for a harvest cut.