Monday, January 21, 2013

The Rut Is In Full Swing

Watch here to see how deer act that are in rut. Sunday morning then Monday morning.  Three different bucks and at least 10 does.

Rut Weekend Saturday

Rod, a missionary in Mexico and friend of Doug, came up and hunted with success.  We only shoot 8 pointers or better but this one was an exception. We saw three bucks and 11 does that day.
We had not seen this deer before. 
It had very large antler bases but the main beams were lots smaller.  It had two points broken off and had rubbed the left base slick and white.  We hope to pull the jaw bone and have it aged to see if we can see what was going on with this deer.

Snow on Dewberry Lands

Sunrise from the lodge January 18th. 
The mountains were beautiful with the snow on them.
Abby and I hunted as the snow was falling on Thursday. 
It was a winter wonder land.