Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer Ends, Fall Is Here

It is time to get green fields planted and the remainder of the bush hogging completed.  Fall is such a busy time. 
All four of the grand children getting a lesson in rattle snake anatomy.  They were very observant to me pointing out the fangs.  We skinned the snake out and are going to use the hide in the exhibits at the lodge.
Congressman Rogers,  his Agriculture person from Washington DC, and Sherri Rollins his District Director were all at the lodge for a meeting with his local Agricultural Advisory Committee from East Alabama,  The main discussion was the new Farm Bill and hopes of getting it passed.
This picture, made in our backyard last fall, has been named the runner-up in The American Tree Farm Photography Contest 2013.  The winner was from Michigan, it was a great picture.  Go to the American Tree Farm Facebook page to see the winners.  This was the email wordage.


Congratulations!!!  Your photo, Steam in Forest, was selected as the Category 1 runner-up of the 2013 Tree Farm Photo Contest, Sponsored by STIHL, Inc.

Be on the look-out for your photo on our website, our Facebook page, and in future ATFS publications.  Also, keep your eyes on your mailbox for a $250 STIHL product certificate, which should arrive in the next 4-6 weeks.

Thank you again for participating in this year’s photo contest, and congratulations!


Sara E. Anrrich
Operations Manager, American Tree Farm System
1111 Nineteenth Street NW, Suite 780
Washington, DC 20036 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Road Kill:(

We lost one of our young bucks last night to Highway 48.  He was in good shape but he was wasted to some vehicle.  I always hate to see this.  His rack was still in full velvet and he was going to be a 6 pointer.