Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Washington D.C.

Last week we were in Washington DC for a legislative meeting with the Alabama Farmers Federation.  We met with Congressman Mike Rogers, heard from Congresswoman Roby, Senators Shelby and Sessions at breakfast and lunch.  We also heard from leaders with the American Farm Bureau.  One fact that was given that shows our country is headed down the wrong path was, "75% of the Farm Bill is nutrition and only 25% is farm programs".  Sad, sad. 

We were able to see some of the things we wanted to but have never been through so much security in all our life.  Washington DC is an expensive place to eat and visit!  We were glad when we could see Washington DC in our rear view mirrow!  We are not planning to go back any time soon. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Auburn University Students Visit

Alabama Forestry Commission personnel, Nick Jordan and Josh Benefield, talk to the students about the commission and management practices they have helped complete on our property.  These two guys do a great job!
The students arrived at our property in Pine Grove.  We had some snaks then traveled to McCollum to look at the longleaf pines and some of the tree stands we hunt from.  They enjoyed seeing some of the deer racks we have taken off the property.  We discussed our management of wildlife.  We  left the McCollum property and went to Bowden Grove and took a riding tour with several stops.  Above picture is when we stopped at one of our recreational sites.  We enjoyed having these fine young people to our property.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wildlife Meeting

Met at Selwood Quail and Skeet Plantation yesterday for a Farmers Federation State Wildlife Committee meeting.  We discussed the hunter/landowner liability bill, the deer season lengthening bill with feeding, and the Forever Wild Bill.  We also discussed the governor, the Conservation Advisory Committee, and the legislature as for as wildlife concerns.