Friday, April 28, 2017

Women's Walk in the Forest 2017

 Yesterday, Dewberry Lands welcomed women of all ages to the property for a fun and educational day.  It started with a welcome to the ladies followed by a trip to the "Woods" for a short walk.  Some of the history of the property was shared by Lamar and Felicia.
Ekan Duts Ke, what does it mean? 

This was followed by a short talk by Leigh Peters, a forester and director of the Alabama Tree Farm Program. 

Memorie  English a representative with the American Forest Foundation was in attendance for the walk. 

New friends interested in forestry were made.

After the walk Gloria Neilsen with the U.S. Forest Service over the Talladega National Forest in our area and also a forester spoke about the National Forest and her roll as the ladies looked over the view of the forest from Dewberry Lands.

After returning to the lodge a nice meal was shared by all the participants.  
This event was made possible by a grant from the Alabama Forest Forever Foundation, help from the Alabama (Clay County) Forestry Commission and the Clay County Forestry Planning Committee.  

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Camping 2017

We arrived at our campsite and the youngest grandchild is checking out the area.

 Food is just better when you are  camping.

These girls are enjoying the outdoors.

The two tents are near the stream for natural music and a great place to play,
The boys like roughing it in the outdoors,

And when night comes it is so peaceful listening to all the night sounds as the fire flickers.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

North Entrance

We are in the process of landscaping the north-side entrance to our property.  Nathan, our son who is a landscape designer for R & R Landscape, chose the plants for planting.  Our daughter Abby, also a horticulture graduate, helped with the plantings.  We used rock from the property, split cedar for the rail, and of course pine straw for mulch.