Sunday, April 21, 2013

Busy Saturday

Early Saturday morning a Bluebird was collecting worms for the family in one of the nesting boxes at the lodge.

Saturday was spent cutting lumber from downed trees from the recent thunderstorms that produced high winds. 
There was some nice lumber produced from these trees.  I plan on using it to make a covered bridge over one of the streams where we have on a trail.  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

This and That

I made this picture while hunting yesterday.  It is of the buds on a long-leaf pine that had blown down. It was so beautiful, the picture doesn't do it justice.  The purple buds on the green background of needles were  very eye catching.  I had to take this photograph. 

My grandson and I was out looking at some of the property where we had done a controlled burn and went by a spot called the "Wilson Spring".  This spring was used by the first Europeans to settle in this area.  It was probably used by native people.  The spring is lined with rocks.  Water bubbles up out of the ground here where this stream begins.  It was neat to see my grandson get to drink water out of the spring.  I thought of so many children (and adults) that assume water comes in plastic bottles and the tap.  On our property we take pride in keeping the water clean.

Interesting Article
There was an article I came across a couple of months ago in this magazine: Blue Ridge Country, Exploring The Mountains of The South. I was impressed with the article.  The name of the article was "25 Things That Changed The  Mountains".  One of the 25 things featured was "Quelling forest fires, not always a good thing".  There was one complete page with a picture dedicated to prescribed burning.  It was so good to see the author recognized this because so often prescribed fire in forest management gets a bad rap. This magazine caters to the upscale.
Spring of 2013