Monday, June 25, 2018

Clear Forest Stream: Great Place to Play

Had a great week last week with our Grandchildren. I had all five one day and we headed to Dewberrylands.  They love being on the property and this day we played in the branch.  They dammed up the stream and piled rocks in front of the wood to make it deeper.  When we left they wanted to know when we would go back!

They all joined in the work: from four year old to eleven.  Some got wetter than others, some thought they may have found gold and some got a little mud on themselves.  

There were no electronics with us, just cool clear forest water.  I wish every child could play in a branch.  There would be no need for children having video games if they had a stream to play in.

We had five little gnomes come out to see us before we left. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Prescribed Fire on Longleaf Pines

Back in February we did a burn on two year old longleaf pines.  The purpose of the burn was to help control loblolly pines that had come up in the stand from seeds.  Below are some of the pictures from the burn.

Honor From Longleaf Alliance

Felicia and I were recently featured in a web presentation by the Longleaf Alliance called Longleaf Pine: A tough tree for tough sites.  There is lots of information here for those wanting to learn more about the Mountain Longleaf Pine.  We are featured on the part Longleaf-A better choice for these sites. The bullet points on the left of the page show the titles.
Longleaf Alliance came to our property and did an interview with us and developed this story.

The Longleaf Alliance does a great job promoting and bringing to the forefront the importance of this great southern tree.
In May we will be hosting an event for the Longleaf Alliance at Ekun Duts Ke Lodge.  The session will be about converting a Loblolly stand to a Longleaf Forest.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Ladies Workshop A Success

Below are pictures from the two day event where women left after a great learning experience with the goals to improve their forest land.  There were many great presenters and the outdoor activities were enjoyed by all, by being out in the beautiful early spring weather in the forest.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

ForestHer Workshop

In February we will be hosting a workshop for women that are interested in forestry. If you want to register for this workshop go to
Hope to see you there!

Monday, January 1, 2018

A New Year

This is a welcomed sign on Dewberry Lands but it also means many task will have to be completed this year: site prep work for planting longleaf pines. This includes road work, firebreak construction, applying herbicides, prescribed burning and planting.
These two loads, one with 12 inch tops and the other with 9 inch tops will help pay the way for reforestation cost where they are being harvested from.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Snow Beautiful, but Snow Damage

Below are some of the pictures made during the snow of 2017.  Some places had 10 inches while others had up to 15 inches.  Snow can be so beautiful but it can be so aggravating once it is gone.

Tree Farm and Treasure Forest signs in the snow.

Panoramic view from Ekun Duts Ke Lodge

Snow in the mature oaks

12- 15 inches of snow at one of the game food plots 

The "Abominable Snowman" loblolly pine

Snow cover at Ekun Duts Ke Lodge

Snow in the six year old longleaf pines😏

Snow in a newly thinned loblolly stand😒

Roads covered with downed trees after the snow

The results of snow in the loblolly stand that had just been thinned.