Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Busy Time of the Year

It is a busy time of the year with all the road maintenance, food plot preparation, and on top of all the normal work for this time of the year, we are having some pines thinned.  (I will be adding information on thinning later.)  
This summer with all the rain it has made it especially tougher on bush-hogging roads and wildlife openings.  I have seen several deer, fawns and small bucks, slipping around me working.
I am doing something different this year with our cool season wildlife openings because of the rainy pattern we have been in and where forecast say we will continue.  I have planted our seed about a month early but if the rain continues I think they will be OK.
The seed mixture is wheat, clover, peas, and turnips. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Future Forest Producer

Eli, ready to go to work protecting our forest.  He was with us at the Alabama Farmers Federation Commodity Conference this past weekend.  He always says "His Bowden Grove" where our forestland is located.  He already clams it!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Happenings Around on Dewberry Lands

Mattie playing with a lizard.  The lizard knows it is safe in these hands.

Fall bush-hogging.  The wildlife trees planted a few years ago are looking good in the row across the field.

Sun-hemp as a cover crop, it's the best!

James making a picture from Dewberry Lands of the road leading to the sunset.

Eli eating a fish watermelon that we harvested off of Dewberry Lands.

Selah helping taker cuttings of some plants for propagation.

These three helping pot up some wildlife trees to be planted this winter; chestnut, crab apple, and pear.