Nine pointer Russell, my brother, harvested 11/25/2014 out of Longleaf Pines at Bowden Grove.  It was probably 3 1/2 years old and had a 19" spread.

Nathan's Christmas Eve buck, another nice 8 pointer. 2013

Nathan, Thanksgiving Day 2013.  Nice 185 pound eight pointer. 16 Degrees at sunrise, record cold.

A cold morning gobbler, 27 degrees at sunrise.

This was a strange rack buck that a friend of my brother took during "Rut Weekend".  It had two points broken off and huge bases, with much smaller beams.  We will have this deer aged to see what was going on with this deer.  It had rubbed the rack at the base more than any deer I had ever seen.

Eight pointer that my nephew took one afternoon

Great day of hunting 11/23/2012 (See Post DEER for more information)

First day to hunt was good. 3/17/2012
19 lbs., 9" beard, 3/4" spur

Pawpaw's last deer of the year.  This deer had had a tough year.  Shot at sometime thru the front leg, then another deer had stabed him in the jaw.

He had a decent rack.

My hunting buddy up in a treestand with his BB gun looking for an "eight pointer".
Russell got him a huge hog Saturday evening near Barfield.  This thing had a massive head! 1/8/2010

You need to read Russell's comment on 1-2-2011 to understand these pictures.  He is my brother.

These two racks are the two Russell commented on taken 10 years apart.  The 10 pointer at the bottom of this page is very much like it also.

Here you can see how they are so much alike with palmated brow tines and points below brow tines pointing to the front.  The next picture is of that deer ten years ago.

Pawpaw's 12 pointer 12/31/2010

Nice 19.5" wide rack.
PawPaw's 1st deer of 2010

Happiness is!

Telling the story!

Odd rack.

Happy in the woods!

James at the spaceship shooting house.

James following his dad in the woods hunting.

Steep bluff to climb.  

Abby and James Hunting @ McCollum after Thanksgiving.

 James picked wildflowers and Abby taught him about roots on plants.

Abby & Jay had a good day of hunting in the snow!  It was a good day.