Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rain, Rain, Thank GOD for the Rain

I went over to Bowden Grove today with a forester/timber buyer to look at thinning 75 acres of pines.  While over there at the corn field I emptied 3" of rain out of the rain guage.  About 90% of our Round-up Ready yellow field corn is going to make.  The deer are already enjoying it.  Last week when I was over there it was 95 degrees at 12 noon and there were two deer in the corn.  They are eating the silks and some are eating the corn.  The picture below is an example.

The Sawtooth Oaks are loaded.  The tree at the kudzu patch has acorns on it for the first time.  It will be one more feeding area this fall.

(Below)This corn plant is white field corn.  It is the stranges looking plant I have ever seen.  It looks as if the leaves have been eaten off all the way to the top and then the tassel topped.  I dont know what could have eaten the leaves this way and not pulled the plant over........Mystery Plant? 

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