Monday, February 13, 2012

Forest and Clean Water

We are doing a major pre-commercial thinning of a pine stand right now.  This thinning will help the trees to grow faster and improve the habitat for wildlife.  Plans are two years from now thinning this stand again but this time it will be for money instead of costing money like it is now.  It cost $175 an hour to have this process done and it takes hours on several acres.  This machine is amazing how it eats through these trees.

You might ask why do you choose to do it this way?  The answer is on the ground.  The mulch acts as a sponge and helps purify the water as it goes through the mulch.  The mulch holds the soil in place and keeps the water clean.  The people of Clay County drink the water that falls as rain on this property then flows down the streams.  The picture below shows what the ground looks like after the thin.

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