Friday, March 2, 2012

Visitors Today

Today we had visitors to our property.  They were working on a story for the Clay County Life Magazine about forestry in our county.  They made several pictures of different places on our Treasure Forest/Tree Farm.  I made a few pictures while we were out and added some below.

A new forest fifteen years from now.  These seedlings came from the cone laying in the old stump.

This tree is the parent of these seedlings.

I had to make this picture of this den tree.  Notice all of the acorn hulls and pieces falling out of the tree.  I know this is one fat squirrel or chipmunk. 

While writing this we are listening to James Spann talk about how every one in Alabama should be required to go and visit Cheaha.  He keeps talking about how beautiful it is up there.  I am glad we live at the foot of the mountain!

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