Sunday, May 13, 2012

Corn Is Looking Good

The corn is looking good!  Last week Dad and I sprayed the weeds and put the last of the fertilizer to it.  It was about to get too tall but the weather cooperated perfectly.  We were able to get in the field and now the rain has come!  It looks like this is going to be the best corn we have had in several years if we keep getting rain.  The deer are going to love us this fall and winter!

In the field we call the "Kudzu Patch" we planted a strip of chufa here for the turkeys.  It is growing but notice how the ground had been raked.  This is the second day after a rain and it was unbelievable how the ground had been scratched by the turkeys. 

Our granddaughter Mattie in a wildflower patch enjoying picking flowers.  She loves being outdoors!

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