Sunday, October 6, 2013

Family and Friends

First, I have added six new wildflower pictures.....

It has been nice having my son back home.  He has been so much help: bush hogging, plowing, planting fall food plots, filling feeders, tearing out beaver dams that are backing up water on roads (see picture below). We are always looking for different types of wildflowers to document  on our property and Nathan knows the names of most. 
He waded through the snakes and who knows what else in that swamp to break the dam.  The beavers will build it back faster than we break it.  We are going to have to declare war on them before they get much worse. 
Nathan's son, my grandson is really growing up fast.  The other day when we were bush hogging and clearing roads James did a great job driving the gator.  Here he is moving the vehicle to the next stop.  He is beginning to be big enough  to help.

Alabama Treasure Forest 
This past weekend we attended the annual meeting in Ozark, Alabama.  I was elected Sec/Tres. of the association which I hope will be a good thing.  We got to see many good friends and people that have a love of the land as we do.  Mr. Bill Moody received special recognition at the meeting where Treasure Forest was forty years old.  Mr. Moody started the program.
We got to see some nice property: Billy Blackwell's, past president and person responsible for this good conference, and the tour on Saturday was on the Strickland's property. Felicia and I always enjoy seeing how others have been blessed.
We saw a demonstration about controlling wild hogs and a demonstration on baling pine straw.  The person in the green shirt helped out in tying the bale is Wayne Ford, a Clay County boy that I grew up spending a lot of time with.  We see each other quite often at these types of meetings.  I always tell people that know both of us that we grew up in the woods and this is all we know.

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