Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Random Shots and Burning Season

A neat little waterfall I found on the property we lease for hunting.  Not on our land but I added this picture because of the beauty. 
This was the sunrise last Monday on a cool January morning.  It was so clear and the sky was beautiful as the day began.

Prescribe Fire Time 
Tomorrow we plan to burn this two year old stand of longleaf pines.  After the burn I am going to make a picture from this same site to show the results.  Maybe the weather will cooperate so we can get this in tomorrow.  We may burn the seven year old stand of longleaf pines at McCollum this week too. After the burn I plan to add some pictures of the controlled burn to this blog as the fire is in progress.
The firelanes are in place and ready to start the burn first thing in the morning.

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