Friday, March 7, 2014

Mystery Animal

This video was taken in the snow at the end of January this year.  The animal walked close to the camera and was half way by when it was activated.  
Everyone says it looks like a bear to them but we can't say for sure because we can't see the head.  It looks black and the hair looks long but just not a definite thing.  About three miles to the north of here a bear was photographed last year in the National Forest.
We are having more and more sightings of bears in Clay and Cleburne County.  There were several pictures this year of bears in food plots in Cleburne County.  I hope our numbers will continue to build because the black bear once call this place home and I would love to see them come back.  It could be like Cades Cove right here at home.  
OH! by the way they are no threat to humans, we are a threat to them.

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