Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Last week I was continuing my research to prove the location of the Native American Village of
"Ekun Duts Ke" and I found my proof in the Washington Globe newspaper in 1839.  Here was what I had been looking for, proof of the true location of the village.  Some had said they thought it was in Montgomery County in Alabama but I always thought it was here in Clay County.  
The newspaper published the Section, Township and Range of the property as it was deeded to the Europeans that had settled in America.  James and Selah are standing right in the middle of Ekun Duts Ke.
This property was part of that description that was in the paper and the Native American description of where they are standing is also true.  
The word ekun duts ke means dividing line or border. Where they are standing is the division of the watershed for the Tallapoosa River and the Coosa River which was so important to the first inhabitants of this land.

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