Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Busy Past Week

The past few days have been really busy.  We were are the Alabama Treasure Forest Association annual meeting at the end of last week and then on Monday we traveled to Moultrie, Georgia, for the Ag Expo and Southeastern Farmer of the Year 25th anniversary.  On Thursday night, a board meeting.  Friday, we had educational seminars an one of the most interesting was about eagles.  Auburn University had the football game eagles for us to see and they shared information with us about eagles.
This foot with its talons were impressive! 

This eagle was Nova.  I know you have seen him on TV before, flying over the football field or at the Olympics. The eagle care giver told about at the LSU game this year where the eagle was
about to fly, the eagle was looking skyward.  The handlers looked up and they saw a Bald Eagle fly over the stadium.  They waited for it to leave then released Nova down to the field.

On Saturday, we had an outside tour of part of Auburn University's forest research property.  The tour was about forest management.
On Monday we drove to Valdosta, Georgia, to the Southeastern Farmer of the Year 25th Anniversary gathering. We stayed there over night and then the next day drove to Moultrie, for the Ag Expo.  That was a mess.  It rained bucket fulls so we left early to get back home.

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