Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Work

Yesterday was a busy work day.  Abby and Eli(eleven months old) helped me with tree-stands.  We moved some and worked to repair others to make them safer.  It takes so much time to check 38 stands and get them ready before hunting season.  Of the 38 stands, we worked on 6 yesterday and have worked on others earlier and have about 10 more to check and repair.  
We did take a walk into the new property we last purchased and looked for a place to put a stand on this 15 acres.  The ground was covered in acorns here so we knew a stand must be put up here.  
On that walk Eli got to play in the leaves and with sticks as we sat in the woods for a short break.  He is so fascinated by this new world he is discovering.   

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