Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Got The Trees Planted For This Year

GOD is so good!  He literally showers us with blessings.  These trees were planted last Friday and the sun has not been on them but it has been cloudy, rained some about every day and now they are predicting 3-5 inches tonight.  That will pack the soil around the roots and they will be better able to take the dry weather when it comes.
This green looks great in the ashes of the prescribed burn. My oldest grandson who is eight, had fun running around on this property and seeing where the trees had been planted.  We looked at where the longleaf were planted and also checked on the loblolly planting.  I don't know why it surprised me but he knew the names and identified both the longleaf and loblolly seedlings.  We talked about how fast trees grow and how one day he would walk through a beautiful, mature longleaf pine forest.  We talked about the stand of longleaf pines across the road from these that are eight years old like him and how tall they are already.  He learns so fast.  He now says he wants to be a wildlife biologist and study wolves.   
These are the hardest working people I know!  The best I have ever been able to plant in a day was 1000 seedlings and these guys plant around 3000 seedlings per day.  This is the closest thing you can get to an "instant forest".

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