Friday, April 1, 2016

Why We Spend So Much On Wildlife Habitat

This is one of the reasons why we spend what we spend on wildlife management on our property.  Last week after we did the prescribed burn on Tuesday, on Friday my dad harvested a nice gobbler.  It was where we burned but we had also planted chufa seed in the field where the turkey was.  My dad is about to be 79 years old and nothing does him better than getting a nice gobbler.  
We continue to manage the property investing a considerable amount each year in wildlife habitat.  I enjoy seeing the wildlife on our property and my desire is that some day my grandchildren will be able to go onto the property and see deer, turkey,and other wildlife that they may or may not hunt but just enjoy the natural resources that we are managing for.  
Some ask why do you do so much work and invest so much into this?  The answer is: to provide my grandchildren a place of their own to enjoy some day.

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