Monday, June 25, 2018

Clear Forest Stream: Great Place to Play

Had a great week last week with our Grandchildren. I had all five one day and we headed to Dewberrylands.  They love being on the property and this day we played in the branch.  They dammed up the stream and piled rocks in front of the wood to make it deeper.  When we left they wanted to know when we would go back!

They all joined in the work: from four year old to eleven.  Some got wetter than others, some thought they may have found gold and some got a little mud on themselves.  

There were no electronics with us, just cool clear forest water.  I wish every child could play in a branch.  There would be no need for children having video games if they had a stream to play in.

We had five little gnomes come out to see us before we left. 

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