Thursday, September 9, 2021

Bald Eagle


We were our with our youngest grandson a few weeks ago exploring our property and we found the feather of a Bald Eagle.  This was such a special find, and we had to explaining to him why we had to leave it on the ground.  He had questions but understood what this bird meant to us as Americans.  We had seen an eagle near this area before but never dreamed of seeing a feather shed by the eagle.

A feather from a beautiful, majestic, free flying bird! 

This was the tree we found the feather under.  We knew the eagle had been up in this tree after he had been hunting fish near the watershed lake near by.  The eagle probably enjoyed his meal in this tree.
We left the feather under the tree.  You might ask "why"?  It is illegal to have in your possession any part of eagle.  Only Native Americans can have in their possession a feather and they are required to get a special permit from the US Government. $100,000 and a year in jail is the penalty for having an eagle feather.  

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