Friday, October 15, 2010

Quail Plantation

Yesterday Felicia and I visited a newly designed quail plantation in Coosa County.  It was something to see!  It is being managed for family and friends on 1700 acres.  The trees are on a basal area of 45 or less, and stumps have been or are now being removed.  Features included a dogtrot house moved on the property for a place to have lunch while hunting, a railroad car 85' long across a creek for a bridge and a restored log cabin (family connections) for an extra place to stay.  They have box traps with radio sensors to let you know when a trap has been tripped so you don't have to check them all, only the ones with predators.  After touring the plantation we were invited to visit their home.

The house(s) where they live needs to be featured in Southern Living Magazine.  They have three houses that all blend together in the trees on a small lake with features like the pool, firepit area, automatic fish feeder and a raised garden area.  They have been married over 59 years!  They have three sons, one played for the Dallas Cowboys.  The sons live in Dallas now where one is a builder, one a landscape architect, and one an artist.

The visitors yesterday were all connected to the Alabama Farmers Federation. 

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