Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Counting Trees

Last week attended a TREASURE forest state board meeting in Tuscaloosa.  Plans were made for programs the remainder of the year and the discussion of FSC certification.  I don't really know where that is going. 
Yesterday was a busy day in forest management.  Started out yesterday morning with a meeting with a NRCS tech person to count and check longleaf tree planting.  All was good on that.  Four plots were sampled on the 40 acres.  After lunch I marked a line where firelanes are to be put in.  This was tough because the area was very hilly, the pines were thick and briers were unused.  This took the rest of the afternoon.  Today I met with the Forestry Commission about the lanes to be put in and about burning the 125 acres.  Tomorrow is a Forestry Planning Committee meeting to discuss the wild hog meeting next week.

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