Monday, February 28, 2011

Grandmother' Park

Saturday was such a beautiful day!  Felicia and I planted a few Baldcypress trees in a damp area where we have just had Longleaf Pines planted.  We also planted Beauty Berry shrubs at the cabin and along the railroad bed.  We checked out the firelanes that we are in the process of installing to protect the young trees and other lanes are for the prescrib burn we hope to complete soon.  We also planted fescue seed in the railroad track bed where we are developing a walking trail.
(Below)  The Ryegrass is really turning green and growing at Grandmother's Park, named for Felicia.  The turkey are enjoying this grass.  It was so beautiful and peaceful down here Saturday.  We have big plans for this area.  We hope there will be more to come!  The stream was flowing so clear and played it's music across the rocks.
 (Below) This is where the railroad crossed the stream in the early 1900's.  The bridge has long been gone but we have plans to build a new one that will be for people to cross on the trail, not the train.  We found a 5' piece of rail, which is over 100 years old, while clearing for the trail.  
Below is a view looking down the old track bed where the trail is being developed.
This is a picture of the train on that railroad .

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