Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Corn Is Growing

Watching Hidden Heritage on RFDTV and the Native American is talking about rural people and how they have two things he respects: Closeness to the land and their love of GOD.  Glad I'm a country boy! 
Corn is looking good.  Today I spot planted some places where the doves had pulled it up.  Later this afternoon attended a Tallapoosa County Treasure Forest meeting in Alex City and toured an electrical generation plant there that I didn't know existed.  Tomorrow I hope to go to First Assembly and see the 5th grades AG Expo for the early grades.  Thursday will be in Montgomery for a State Treasure Forest Board meeting. 
Last Saturday was a good day running the chainsaw with the church family in the Fairview Community of Cullman County.  It was good to help those people but it was sad to see so many houses and trees destroyed but we live in Alabama and we will get it built back and our trees grow fast!

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