Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Planting Hot Weather Wildlife Food

Today it was hot.  We planted grain sorgham, browntop, and lablab.  We just need some rain now for it to get growing.

I sprayed our Roundup Ready Corn today.  This is a new experience.  We will see how this new experience is going to work.
I also sprayed the trail in the old railroad bed to keep weeds cleared back for easier walking.

Thank GOD for Pawpaw!  I could not get it all done if it was not for him.  When he kills a three point against the rules, I can't say anything to him.  I am so thankful I can work with my dad and he can help me out.  George always tells me it is a blessing to him to see us working and hunting together.  George is the man that lives next to the property and helps us watch after everything.

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