Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busy day!

Day started at 5:00am this morning in Blount County.  Stopped and bought cool season vegetables before getting home.  Planted vegetables first after getting home then I worked on the bushhog putting new bearings in the tire.  Loaded the 4 Wheeler and seed and after lunch planted McCollum and most of Bowden Grove.  It was cool, cloudy, kind of dark over there and very quiet over there by myself in the woods.  I planted mostly crimson clover mixed with some ryegrass, wheat, and white clover (pictured below).  Need some rain now!  Saw no snakes today.
When I was about to unload the 4 Wheeler a doe walked out in the road where PawPaw and I saw one last week.  I started walking toward her and made picture.

As the doe ran her fawn walked out in the road and followed her.

Seed mixture.

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