Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8, 2011

Today was a bushhog day.  Matt had his tractor and that helped me so much.  We accomplished much but we will be back at it again in the morning.  Things are looking better and deer are everwhere!  Dad came over after we had left and he said he saw a small rack buck.  As I drove in this morning I saw 9 young turkeys, Matt saw a doe coming in, I saw a doe in the road while bushogging and I saw a fawn at the kudzu patch. 
I wish James could have been with me because he liked the snakes at the zoo this weekend.  He would have liked seeing the two we killed pictured below.
This was a 4 foot copperhead we killed in the bottoms out from the tree stand.  The bushhog got him.
This was a timber rattler, about 5 feet long, we also killed in the bottoms.  Matt got him with the bushhog. 

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