Monday, November 7, 2011

This And That

Mountain Chestnut Oak Acorns
Scarlet Oak Acorns
The acorn crop this year is unbelievable. When you drive on the roads they crack under the tires and at times when you are walking in the woods they will crack under your feet.
Mattie, on her first day of working in the forest putting up tree stands with her Mom, Dad and Granddaddy. 
She loved riding the gator through the woods on the woods roads with Granddaddy, the weather was kinda cool.
We put this tripod up in a good location.  Now we have two more latter stands to put up soon. We have too many deer that are does on the property and wildlife biologist have told us we need to take some does off the property.  This takes skill and time to identify mature does, not to shoot small bucks.  
Jay got this one with his bow last Saturday evening.

Other pictures added to the tabs: Family, and Wildflowers.

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