Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Deer Season Ends

As the day begins to end on the last day of deer season the sunrise was a morning to remember.  Looking back on the season we took two eight pointers, and probably five does off the property (two does we trailed but could never find).  That was well and good but just being in the outdoors was what makes hunting special:  seeing my grandson so in-tentatively watching his first deer through the binoculars from a stand, Abby and I tracking a deer into the night and hearing all the noises in the woods after dark, seeing an otter traveling up a small branch on the property, the sunrises and sunsets, a hawk flying over a field looking for breakfast and being with family in the outdoors, hearing the stories of past experiences.
I think of Native Americans and their love for the land and the resources.  I know the land has changed some with the non-native species we see today.  Every time I pick up an arrowhead on the property I wonder what they were shooting at here many years before.  If this arrowhead could speak, what a story could it tell!
Is the land better today than it was then?  NO! Too many damages made by man but on our property we want to make it as close to being like it was then, as possible today.  It was a good season but now it is over. Time to get back to work and make the land better!

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