Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wet Day

How the weather can change in a week!  I hunted alone today and I did not see anything.  I started out this morning, there was no rain until I opened the gate to go in  and it began to pour down.  I had an apple tree to plant for the deer but when I got to Bowden Grove it was raining hard so I quickly unloaded the tree, soil and shovel and realized I had left my rifle at home:(  so I started back home to get my rifle.  I quickly returned to Bowden Grove to plant the tree and to hunt.  I could hear thunder in the distant so I hurried to plant the tree and staple velcro in the spaceship stand to hold the windows shut. I had to do this in a hurry.  It started thundering and lighting close by and I did not want to be in that metal stand and in an open field.  I saw a track of a deer in the road near the jeep that I scared out when I went to the stand.  It began to pour rain again so I went back home.
This evening I sat in a wet stand and I saw nothing but today I did get my trees planted!

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