Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Work

 We have been busy preparing our fall wildlife openings.  Jay and Abby have really helped me out this year with food plots and in firelanes.  This lane is next to forty acres of longleaf pines that are one year planted and fire will be run over them this winter.  We are seen some good bucks in areas that are planted in longleaf pines.  

Happiness is riding the four wheeler and playing in the branch while mom and dad are working. 

The sawtooth oaks and mountain chestnut oaks are dropping acorns now and the wildlife are really enjoying this.
The ground is covered with acorns.
There are lots of caps on the ground where the acorns have been eaten by the deer and turkeys.

Saturday we found this tree that a buck had worn out.  He had pushed the tree over and had rubbed it all over.  You can tell he has a sticker rack because his antlers really chewed the tree up.  Good one!

This is another sighting I found.  This buck had already made a scrape and broke the limb off above it.  This is really early.  I first thought it was turkey scratching but with further observation and looking at the limb above it confirmed it was a scrape.  It looks like a good season coming up!

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