Friday, October 19, 2012

Field Days

You could have a field day here on Dewberry Lands but this was not the type of field day I am referring to.

Felicia and I attend the field day on Mr. Bobby Jennings property.  It was well attended and very informative.  It was sponsored by the Natural Resource Outreach Committee of which I am apart of.

The next day we were at the Treasure Forest Association State Meeting in Centre.  We stayed at the Chattokee Plantation owned by Harlan Starr.  Harlan serves on the Board of Directors for the Wild Turkey Federation.  This is a beautiful place Harlan has put together.
At the ATFA banquet that night one of our own from Clay County received an award, Nic Jordan with the Alabama Forestry Commission.  Nic was well deserving of this award.  He is the best of the Alabama Forestry Commission, we are lucky to have such a fine young man in our county.

Some of our speakers at the meeting spoke about quail habitat.  On this stand of five year old longleaf pines we saw two coveys while finishing up planting green fields.  It is amazing how quick changing the habitat can bring back the quail. 

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