Monday, August 22, 2016

Busy, Hot Time of The Year

Just because the weather has been very hot and humid, this doesn't mean nothing has been taking place on Dewberry Lands. 
We have just sprayed herbicides on the tract we are going to convert back to native longleaf pines.
We will be doing a prescribed burn here as soon as the foliage dies back to make it easier to plant and it will help control weed competition for the survival of the seedlings. 
Roads are checked and we have started putting out game cameras to see how many fawns we have on our property.  In the very near future we are going to be starting a thinning operation to improve the timber stand on another tract.
There's been quarterly meetings with the Alabama Treasure Forest Association and the State Tree Farm Committee in Montgomery, the annual meeting and tour with the Alabama Farmers Federation in Mobile and our monthly Forestry Planning Committee meetings locally.
This is just some of the things that have been going on with Dewberry Lands.

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