Friday, October 7, 2016

Wildlife Plots, Lots of Dry Weather

Abby, my farmer daughter, and I have worked hard this past week on game food plots.  We planted in the dust and hope for rain off of Hurricane Mathew.  Our summer food plots of sunnhep really did well even though we have been in a drought this summer.  This is our largest planting and it is about three acres.
This stuff is as tall as ten foot in some places and it has been eaten all over the field.
Many plants have been top three times but it puts back out and continues to grow.  Some of the tall plants have no leaves as high as the deer can reach.  I am posting an article to more in detail on why we plant sunnhemp.
One of our friendly snakes soaking up the sun on a road bank on a cool morning when we started working.  He was the largest black racer I have ever seen. It was six feet more or less in size. 

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