Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pawpaw Had a Good Last Day of 2010 Hunting

Daddy killed this 12 pointer the last day of 2010.  19.5 inches wide with very simetrical points.  Doug also got a bobcat that morning.  I had to be away but I think they had a good day of hunting.  You should hear the stories.  This makes two good bucks for Daddy this year.  If you will let them grow they will get big.  We are not to shoot anything smaller than an eight pointer but sometimes some get trigger happy and slip up.  Let the little ones go and this is what the results will be!


  1. When we got home this afternoon Jayme said dad you gotta see this, he had papa's rack and the rack from the big 11 pointer, I had killed over 10 years ago. I couldn't believe it. You have got to see the rack from the 11 pointer I killed at Bgrove 10 years ago. I tried to take some pics and email them to you. That deer weighed 204 field dressed but the thing that is so unbelieveable is that its left brow tine is palated just like papas deer and it has two sticker points below the brow tines just like papas. It is definitely an offspring from the deer I killed over 10 years ago. Wait until you see the racks, it says a lot about how important genes plays in producing good bucks.


  2. it was awesome to see Papas face when we drove up! it was a good day. he deserves killing this one for the time he spends on the tractor! just makes the sweetgum story even better