Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prescribed Burn

I tried to burn piles of logging slash last Friday and Saturday, I tried again and also tried to burn 41 acres but it was all with limited success.  There was just too much snow left over in the piles and on the firelanes and north side of the hills.  Now there is more rain and possible snow coming and my tree planters might show up anyday.  I may just have to plant without a complete burn.  Since I am planting longleaf I might have to burn with in the next two years while the trees are young.  This is one of the advantages of longleaf pines. 

This past year we are seeing lots more deer in areas where we have longleaf pines growing.  This is one of the reasons for planting this 41 acres in longleaf pines along with their resistance to fire.

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