Monday, June 18, 2012

Week of June 11th

Last week I had a Forestry Association Meeting that Felicia and I attended in Alex City, Alabama.  The main talk was about what came out of the State Legislature this year.  One thing that was mentioned positive was a uniform permitting system for logging operations.  This will keep some of these counties that have county commissioners that forget they work for the people from destroy jobs of the working people in their communities.
Then on Thursday I worked on roads on the property.  I shaped up water bars and turnouts to help keep erosion under control.
On Saturday morning I was asked to speak to a loggers school held here in the county.  They asked me to speak on what we are trying to do to get a pellet manufacturing facility here.  After that they asked me to share any information I had on the new permitting law with the group.  This group of people are about work and doing what is right in the forestry business.  I respect these people, of whom many I know, because they are what American should be all about.

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