Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wildlife Are Not Hungry Here

Our corn looks good and the rain this weekend is like icing on the cake.  This is going to be the most we have made in several years. 
Most stalks have two ears on them and the rain is hitting it just right.
There were a group of young gobblers enjoying the brown-top millet above the cabin corn patch. 
The acorns on the saw-toothed oaks are growing fast.  Since everything is so much earlier this year, I wonder if they will mature and drop early. 
This is the best we can do in the sunflower and grain sorghum field.  Every sunflower plant looks like this. 
The corn down at the kudzu patch is being eaten by the deer before it can mature.  Some of these deer are going to have to be removed this year. 
More damage. 
They ate the tassel out of some of these plants and are eating the plants.  The damage they are doing here is really amazing. 
The turkeys are glad we sprayed this field.  They have several wallows or dusting spots here.  

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