Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas On Dewberry Lands

We went out on Saturday before the Auburn/Alabama game and looked for a Christmas Tree.  All four of the Grands (ages 7,5,3,and 2) were with us and they were so excited about finding a tree. 
You can see the excitement on their faces as I started cutting down the tree.  It was a cedar that I had been trimming on each year as I would walk past it while hunting or trimming limbs along the road. 
After cutting the tree James went over to the stump to count the growth rings to see how old the tree was.  He said it was eight years old. 
We loaded the tree up on the truck to leave the forest.  James said he was glad we had Dewberry Lands.  He is already developing an appreciation for the forest and you know that really pleases Granddaddy! 
This is what Christmas is all about!  These three little Dewberrys were so excited as they helped their dad decorate the tree that we had gone out and harvested off of our property.

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