Monday, April 2, 2012

Busy Past Week

Last Wednesday Dad and I got all of our Roundup Ready Corn planted.  The rain came just at the right time and tomorrow I have got to go over and do what I can to help keep the birds from pulling up the corn.  It should be coming out of the ground.
Felicia and I left Wednesday afternoon and drove up to Kentucky to help Nathan and Liz with their new home.  There were several dead and cull trees that Nathan wanted removed.  This was a new thing for me cutting the hemlocks in the back.  I had never cut hemlocks before, only the trees of Alabama.  We made two benches out of some of the wood and used the other parts to build wildlife dens at the back of their new home. 
Today, Monday, I hosted a trip with county commissioners, someone from the mayor's office and others interested in economic development on a tour of a pellet mill in North Alabama.  We hope we might be able to get this company to consider coming to Clay County to start a new business.   

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