Monday, April 16, 2012

On the Move

Really been busy the last few days.  I have been doing everything I can to protect our corn we have up from the birds, turkeys and ect.  The corn looks good and this rain we are getting today will help.

I have been to meet with people doing the studying for the tower twice and will meet with someone else this Wednesday.  They are doing soil electrical test, plant and environmental study and Wednesday they will be drilling to take core samples.

James, Selah,  and Eden was with us Thursday through Sunday and the highlight of our week was a picnic over at Bowden Grove at our park area.  They played and played in the water, climbed trees, watched butterflies, caught caterpillars, and walked to the swamp.  James did not want to leave.  He said the next time he wanted to camp and stay all night. (More pictures in Family Tab)

Sunday, we made some pictures that we are going to submit in a Tree Farm photo contest.  One of the categories is "Generations".  We made pictures of the five generations of Dewberry's.  I don't think anyone can top that.  We might not win the contest but no one will top five generations!

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