Friday, April 27, 2012

This Week

This week saw soil testing being taken in our pasture.  This sample was taken for 40' down and it was to help determine the footings for the cell tower.

One afternoon over at my shop I found two green tree frogs in between two short pieces of tin I had standing up.  They were so colorful with their gold eyes.  This one was ready to jump as I bothered them as I made pictures.
He jumped over into a muscadine vine where he was well camouflaged.  (There are more pictures of the frogs on the wildlife tab.)

The honey bees were really working the crimson clover.  It was good to see so many honey bees on the clover.

At the end of the week Dad and I worked on planting summer food plots.  We are planting chufas, sunflowers, corn, brown top millet and grain sorghum. 
In this field our cool season crops are going to seed.  Dad picked a seed head off of the crimson clover, wheat, oats, rye grass and fescue that was heading out.  The young turkeys, as they hatch, will have a feast here and there were many grasshoppers for dessert too.

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